Welcome to The Global Hello Project!


We want to create a place where schools from many places around the world can come to learn from one another and experience other cultures. We hope you will join us and tell your story. Schools that have just been added have a (*) next to the page name until they've added content.

Get involved!

Please join the wiki or contact me at jennifersmith@hasd.org; tell me your name, your school's name and location, and I will add a page for your school. Introduce yourselves and your school on your page, embed or add something that will allow you to say hello in your own unique way. See the Greenville Elementary School page for one idea!

Your project can be as simple as a photo! Use video, photos, Wordles, Animoto, Voki's, the method of sharing is up to you and your class. Share what it is like at your school so we can experience the world together!

Need Help?

Contact me at any time for help with navigation, wiki help or anything else!