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Hello! My name is Renee and I am the school librarian at St. Joseph's Convent in Port of Spain in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. There are 7 islands in our country and we live on Trinidad, the largest. We are situated in the northern hemisphere just 21 miles off the coast of Venezuela.
Our school has about 800 students, mostly girls, who are between 33-18 in age. The Form 1s have done an activity called 'T&T is me!' loanswithnoguarantor.org.uk which will be part of this project so just click below to find out more about us!

We call our country a callaloo, meaning mixed up, because we have so many different kinds of people here. Many of us are Christians and celebrate Christmas in our own special Trinidadian way.

Some people think we have more holidays than any other country. Click here to find out about some of them...