Tansi! That is how we say hello! in Cree.

We are a Gr. 5/6 class at Chief Poundmaker School in central Saskatchewan, Canada.
There are 15 of us in our class. Our school goes from Pre-K to Gr. 12 and there are about 175 students in total.

We love to connect with classrooms!! So far this year, we have Skyped with about 15 classes from Canada and the USA.
We also have a Student Exchange group on Edmodo where we spent time collaborating with students from Korea!

You can connect with us on our class Twitter: @poundmaker56 or by email: poundmaker56@hotmail.com

In November 2011, we started Skyping with a Gr. 2 class in Ontario. We shared art projects, weather news, information about our provinces, topography, etc. Our class wanted to share their Cree culture with the students in ON, so we asked if we could show some pow wow singing and drumming. The students in our class participate regularly in these cultural traditions. The teacher in ON said that they would love if the entire school could be an audience for our presentation! We did the presentation, and have signed up to be a part of the Digital Human Library! http://blog.amdsb.ca/2011/11/20/borrowing-from-the-digital-human-library/

Since then, we've done many other Skype's and have done smaller presentations about Cree culture, and traditions.